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Hoya kerrii f. variegata (Variegated)

The variegated form of this succulent has the typical yellow areas at the points where chlorophyll is absent, which make each specimen unique and never identical to the others. This perennial plant is commonly called "wax plant" or "wax flower", appreciated by everyone for its versatility, extremely suitable for adorning both homes and offices. Its stems have an erect, climbing, shrubby habit up to four meters high. This species, however, is as extravagant as it is unique: it stands out from all the others for its leaf with a curious heart shape, with a flat and extremely smooth and shiny surface, of a beautiful unmistakable emerald green. It blooms in summer, generating small inflorescences composed of two superimposed stars, of which the crown is of an intense creamy white, while the upper part takes on the appearance of a small scarlet red jewel.