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Graptoveria (Variegated)

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Its name already announces the genera, that has been crossed to create this hybrid: Graptopetalum and Echeveria. It is a particularly appreciated and sought-after plant, which maintains the rosette shape of the original genera, but differs from them for very varied and particular colorations, in fact, it goes from light green, to greyish, up to red or even brown and violet; these shades change even more, even within the same species, depending on the sun exposure and the climatic variations, creating a really unique and extremely ornamental optical effect. The appearance of these rosettes, sometimes very large and showy, is not the only strength of the succulent: easy to grow and resistant, it is also an advantageous plant from a health point of view, in fact, studies show, that it is able to clean the air of indoor environments by increasing the amount of oxygen and air humidity!