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Sedeveria (Succulents)

Sedeveria 'Rolly' Sedeveria 'Rolly'
Starting from 3.00€
Sedeveria letizia Sedeveria letizia
Starting from 3.00€

As the name suggests, we are talking about a cross between two very common genera: Sedum and Echeveria, which both are very resistant and highly adaptable. It is a perfect hybrid to grow in your gardens, which needs very little attention. It is a truly unique specimen, thanks to the characteristics, that the "mother-genera" have given it: on one hand, it has the drooping habit of Sedum, suitable for decorating any room, filling it in a short time; on the other hand, it also maintains the typical shape and the bright colors of Echeveria, creating a wonderful cascade of rosettes of the most varied colors. With just a little attention you will obtain an overwhelming decorative effect!