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Lenopetalum ‘Chocolate’ (Succulents)

It is a rare succulent not present in nature, but obtained in nursery by the union between the genus Lenophyllum and the genus Graptopetalum, which together give rise to an absolutely unique and unrepeatable exemplar! From the characteristic compact rosette disposition and not very big, Lenopetalum tends mainly to grow in graceful tufts of more rosettes formed by fleshy leaves, which tend to widen and to bend like a spoon, ending then with a slight tip. What is most striking about this pretty plant is undoubtedly the colouration: the entire epidermis takes on an unusual chocolate-coloured hue (hence the name of the species), made even more peculiar by the undoubtedly unique shine with which it presents itself. Such an original exemplar will greatly enrich the collections of experts, while at the same time bringing to the location a charm that cannot go unnoticed!