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Albuca (Succulents)

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The name Albuca comes from the Greek word "albus" which means "white", named for the fact that the first species of this genus produced white flowers. Albuca was first collected in the 1800s and today there are 150 recognized species. The plants in the genus Albuca are generally known as "slime lilies" because of the slimy sap that the plant exudes when damaged. These succulents have a bulb at the base, from which long, narrow leaves sprout, During the inflorescence period small white or yellow, slightly fragrant flowers bloom. Albuca plants are widely used for rock gardens, which give them a lively and unusual appearance. Here are some tips for its proper care and cultivation: It requires a lot of light all year long, however avoid direct sunlight especially during the hottest hours of the day. It prefers rather mild temperatures, however it survives even in temperatures close to freezing if the soil is dry. Water moderately only when the soil is completely dry. It is enough to water the plant once every two weeks in spring and summer, once every two months in autumn and completely suspend watering in winter. With the thickening of the leaves, resume regular watering. A well-draining soil is an optimal solution, even better if further enriched with inert materials such as pumice, sand or lapilli. They do not need frequent fertilization, it is sufficient to dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year.