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Senna (Caudex)

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The name of the species is still under discussion: according to some it comes from Sennar, a region along the Nile where the first specimen seems to have been found. According to others, however, the term derives from Arabic and literally means "heal", in relation to its many beneficial properties. It includes thousands of quite different species, but all united by a shrubby appearance and a woody caudiciform stem that acts as an important water reserve for the plant. The Senna genus was used since ancient times for its remarkable laxative properties and even today, iin the most advanced countries, its extracts are used as a preparation for intestinal examinations or operations. That's not all: many herbal remedies use Senna infusions for purification purposes, even to purify the skin! Let yourself be enchanted by the ornamental charm of these health-friendly plants! Here are some tips for its cultivation: It particularly loves sunny places, but better if sheltered from wind. It prefers high or mild temperatures, however for short periods it can bear even very low temperatures. It is advisable, in winter, to place it under cover. It requires a significant water supply during the growing season, always making sure that the soil is dry before waterings. During the vegetative rest suspend the watering. A well-draining substrate is optimal, consisting of specific soil for cacti with abundant addition of sand, pumice or lapillus. It does not require frequent fertilization, it will be sufficient to dilute fertilizer with watering once a year.