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Bombax (Caudex)

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The name of this plant, Bombax, comes from Latin and means "splendid or wonderful", referring to their grandiose height. The plants of this genus develop into big deciduous trees, term that refers to those specimen which lose their leaves during the vegetative rest. Bombax can reach up to a considerable height of 40 m, and many of its species are cultivated in order to get their particular fruits, from which fibers similar to cotton, but much thinner are obtained. Due to its majesty and the beauty of its enormous, marvelous foliage, it will fit perfectly into every sgarden, gifting it an exotic and solemn vibe that definitely wouldn’t go unnoticed. This plant requires to be putted in a bright spot since it specifically likes direct sun rays. It likes the intense tropical heat, and for that reason it does not withstand temperatures close to freezing, therefore it is advisable to shelter it in dry places during the winter period. It requires a lot of water during the hot periods, but water does not have to stagnate in the roots, or they will risk to be rotten. On the other hand, in winter, when it loses its leaves and it goes into vegetative rest, it is advisable to keep it dry. We recommend a suitable substrate for cactaceae as an optimal solution, as long as it is extremely well draining. Bombax do not need frequent fertilization, it is sufficient to dilute a specific fertilizer with watering once a year, during the vegetative period.