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Schlumbergera (Cactus)

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Its name was chosen in honor of the botanist Schlumberger; it is a really unusual cactus, made up of green stems without leaves, able to carry out the chlorophyll photosynthesis and to give the environments extreme charm with their flattened segments that follow one another, bordered by graceful fragmented margins. They are very long-lived plants, which, as they grow, tend to form beautiful green cascades, perfect for embellishing shelves or hanging pots. Some species are commonly identified as "Easter cactus" for their amazing two-tone flowering in spring, while other species are called "Christmas cactus", precisely because of the flowers that liven up your rooms during the winter holidays! It is even more beautiful, when exposed to the direct sun, for the rosy shades they are dyed with. These cacti, in floral language, take on the meaning of rebirth, therefore they are perfect as a beautiful gift!