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Melocactus perezassoi (Cactus)

The name of this peculiar cactaceae was chosen in honor of A. Pérez Asso, who first discovered the species along steep rocky walls. It is a globose cactus not exceeding about 15 cm in diameter, equipped with deep longitudinal ribs along which large white and woolly areoles are arranged in a row. From the latter come out numerous yellowish radial spines, thin and needle-like, rather long and arranged radially around the areola and more robust central spines slightly curved upwards, which assume shades from yellow to orange. The overall appearance is that of a strongly wild plant due to the multitude of bristly and long spines that wrap it and create a wonderful contrast between their yellow-orange and the soft and opaque green of the stem. However, the most striking part of this cactaceae remains, without any doubt, the majestic cephalium which develops at the apex with thick salmon-coloured bristles, in the middle of which, between spring and summer, pretty flowers on the delicate shades of rose will bloom to beautify your locations!