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Melocactus bahiensis (Cactus)

Melocactus bahiensis is a very popular globular cactus. Its stem is a beautiful bright green, but there are also shades that vary from lighter to darker, it has well-marked and deep ribs and thorns which vary in length and color. In the lower part of the stem they can be shorter and darker, towards the apex, they become longer and longer and tend to brown or reddish. Once matured, the cephalium with wool and brown bristles is born in the highest part of the plant, where beautiful flowers can open most of the time in shades of pink. Generally, this species is grown in pots and is placed in the open air on balconies or terraces because of the ventilation, but at the same time, they excellently embellish the surrounding environment, of course they can also be placed in gardens. Melocactus bahiensis tolerates both full sun and shade, as long as it is not exposed to excessively cold temperatures in winter.