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Mediolobivia (Cactus)

Mediolobivia atrovirens Mediolobivia atrovirens
Starting from 8.00€
Mediolobivia haagei Mediolobivia haagei
Starting from 3.20€
Mediolobivia malochii Mediolobivia malochii
Starting from 3.20€
Mediolobivia pygmaea Mediolobivia pygmaea
Starting from 3.00€
Mediolobivia rovidana Mediolobivia rovidana
Starting from 6.40€

These are small, rounded or columnar cacti, that do not grow very large, but tend to develop usually with numerous suckers around the mother plant. They also consist of multiple tubercles, and both are reasons, why some classifications prefer to identify them as a synonym of the Rebutia genus. It's a plant, that doesn't need too many particular cares and, if in winter you give it a correct and, above all, dry vegetative rest, in spring it will delight you with abundant corolla blooms around the stems, of bright colors, which will last several days and will contribute to decorate and liven up any kind of environment!