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Marginatocereus (Cactus)


This is a genus, highly appreciated by green collectors all over the world, which consists of just one species - Marginatocereus marginatus. These are columnar cacti, that rarely branch off, but rather tend to grow in groups, resembling a series of organ pipes (hence the common name "pipe organ"). In nature they tend to grow up to almost two meters high, with their deep green stems and with a rough texture, provided with well marked ribs, perfectly outlined by the areoles, arranged to form white continuous longitudinal lines. In the past it was cultivated by local populations for its edible fruits. Occasionally a spectacular natural phenomenon takes place, which transforms Marginatocereus into a wonderful crested fan, very easy to grow even in pots, perfect to embellish your house! With the appearance of a real sculpture, this fan shape is even more pronounced, thanks to the white vertical ribs, which contrast nicely with the dark green of the crest: a real must-have for all collectors, that can not be missed to make unique and special any environment!