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Eriosyce (Cactus)

Eriosyce eriosyzoides Eriosyce eriosyzoides
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Eriosyce sp. Eriosyce sp.
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Eriosyce vallenarensis Eriosyce vallenarensis
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Its name comes from Greek and literally means "woolly fruit", in reference to the thick down that covers the big red fruits of this splendid cactus. They are small plants of a globular and solitary shape, which grow spontaneously in extremely arid environments, which is why they have adapted to the climate also with their appearance: from the tuberculate stem, usually dark and opaque, rather long and strong spines grow, usually they are grey or even black, especially at the apex, which protect the plant in its native places and allow it to retain as much water as possible. It is an extremely long-lived cactus, to which, however, you must pay some extra attention. It hardly blooms, only after about ten years of plant's life, when it has reached its maturity, however, if you take care of it, it will give you many satisfactions!