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Dolichothele longimamma f. variegata (Cactus)

The variegated shape of this cactacea has yellow areas in correspondence with the points where chlorophyll is absent, which make each specimen different from the others and therefore extremely sought after by collectors of succulents. In its normal aspect this cactus has a spherical stem of a fascinating bright green, with large cylindrical tubercles (hence the name "longimamma", which literally means "long breasts", due to the shape of the tubercles similar to female breasts). At first glance, you can see tubercles so large and grooved inside the stem that they almost seem like fleshy succulent leaves. At the apex of each of them emerge sparse, extremely thin spines, which are light-colored and arranged in a radial pattern. In the summer the charm of this species is further amplified by majestic yellow flowers that liven up the surrounding environments.

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