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Trichocereus schickendantzii

Cactacea with columnar stem, tending with the growth to ramify at the base or, at times, to root in tufts around the mother plant. It is formed by numerous very protruding and close ribs, along which, from clear roundish areoles, emerge thin yellow thorns. They’re straight and turned both towards the radius and towards the outside, which contrast pleasantly with the bright green of the stem. The real highlight of this cactus is its inflorescence: considered perhaps the most beautiful of the whole genus Trichocereus, between spring and summer T. schickendantzii will amaze you with incredible night flowers over 20 cm long, formed by white and velvety inner petals, and thinner outer petals and a beautiful bright pink. The chromatic charm is enriched by showy yellow pistils, for an overall look to leave you truly breathless!