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Stapelia gettleffii

Succulent consisting of erect stems that do not reach remarkable heights, but tend to grow in groups generating a kind of pleasant bush with multiple bodies, all characterized by small diameter and 4 rather pronounced ribs. The epidermis, of a lively emerald green that takes on changing violet notes when exposed to abundant sunlight, is finely covered by a thick whitish down very short that makes it velvety and soft to the touch, as well as pleasantly rich in silvery reflections, which accentuate even more the bulging teeth that grow upwards along the edges of the ribs. The flower of S. gettleffii is a real spectacle of nature: shaped like a starfish, it takes on burgundy tones enlivened by streaks of cream, all made even more nuanced and delicate by a long whitish down that covers them and gives them an absolutely unique and extremely captivating!