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Stapelia asterias

Succulent characterized by cylindrical stems of reduced heights, which tend to give life to wonderful tufts grouped. Each stem consists of four ribs typical of most of the Stapelia family, each in turn strongly serrated, almost as if they were small thorns. It has changing shades depending on the sun exposure, from bright green to purple, accentuated even more by a very short hair that covers the epidermis revealing wonderful reflections almost silvery: it is amazing to see how these colors, sometimes even very intense, they coexist pleasantly in the same plant and, often, also on the same stem! The peculiarity for which these succulents are truly unique are, however, without a doubt the inflorescences, which also give the name to the species due to their shape similar to a starfish: of an intense burgundy covered by three-dimensional wrinkles, are adorned along the edges with a delicate whitish down that makes them even more showy and wonderfully velvety!