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Solanum pyracanthum

Solanum Pyracanthum, also called 'porcupine tomato', is a very special plant and with some exra ordinary characteristics. This evergreen shrub also contains toxic elements such as fruits and leaves, a factor that in nature is very important for its defense. Speaking of defence, this plant does not miss anything, in fact, besides having a beautiful green stem and full of many small brownish thorns, the same can be found also on the leaves. The leaves are green with various lighter and darker shades and different veins, have an irregular and pointed shape, just in correspondence of the veins, small but pointed thorns arise, all this gives to the plant a real menacing look. Solanum pyracanthum does not resist to too low temperatures and therefore may die, even if, these can however be reborn as soon as the climate becomes much warmer. It blooms all year round and generally produces flowers on the star-shaped violet.