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Its name derives from Greek, which means "hard cactus", to indicate both its peculiar robust spines, often hooked and dangerous, and its adaptability to any environment: in nature it grows in very extreme areas, where there are long periods of frost and drought. It is therefore a cactus, extremely rare and sought after, which can give a wild touch to your gardens or balconies, without fear to be frosted (though it needs to be sheltered from too much rain!). A part from its threatening and majestic, but very attractive spines, it will also amaze you with its wonderful and large flowers, which bloom among the strong spines, creating a beautiful contrast! Here are some tips for its cultivation: These plants like full sun. Being very resistant, they adapt well to the outside as they withstand any weather, moreover it requires well-ventilated environments. They are very resistant to the most extreme temperatures: they grow well in the heat and resist the temperatures even below 0°C! Water abundantly in February, when the vegetative restart begins, and then continue to wet the soil only when it is completely dry. In winter the plant goes into the vegetative rest, therefore it is advisable to completely suspend watering. A soil suitable for cacti is an optimal solution, even better if mixed with sand or pumice. They do not need frequent fertilization, it is sufficient to dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year.