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Schlumbergera gaertneri (red flower)

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Also known as Hatiora gaertneri, it is an epiphytic cactacea, which means that it grows by clinging to other plants, from which it receives only physical support. With growth it branches easily, creating numerous flattened stems, initially erect but tending to assume a hanging habit, divided into segments that have wavy margins, on which very small golden spines can be seen. The epidermis is of a bright green color. In spring, it produces large flowers of various colors: white, orange, fuchsia, red. Schlumbergera gaertneri is an ornamental cactus, ideal for giving an exotic touch to your interiors.

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Plant care:

It prefers areas with filtered light, i.e. a partial shade position is recommended, where sun rays are never direct.

It likes mild temperatures, preferably about 18 °C, therefore in winter it is advisable to shelter it.

Abundant watering is needed in summer, in order to keep the soil always slightly moist. In winter, the water supply can be reduced.

A substrate consisting of soil for succulents, mixed with lapilli or sand is an optimal solution, in order to guarantee good drainage.

They do not need frequent fertilizations, it is enough to dilute fertilizer with watering once a year.