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This genus of succulent includes about ten species quite different from each other, but all formed by many thin and cylindrical stems, tending often, due to the reduced diameter and the abundant length, to fall to the ground or fall into beautiful waterfalls of small and graceful green leaves. For this habit, Nematanthus is a succulent that lends itself to be placed in hanging baskets or on shelves, from which can fall back adorning with simplicity and elegance any environment. Quite often, some species belonging to this genus are cultivated due to the vivacity of the small and abundant summer flowers, first of all Nematanthus gregarius, the famous "plant of the goldfishes! Perhaps not many know that these specimens in the wild tend to be epiphytic, that is to cling to other plants, from which, however, they get only physical support, continuing to feed autonomously from their roots. They do not need special care, but rather they survive well even in poor irrigation conditions, which is why they are perfect for homes or workplaces of those who do not believe to possess the green thumb: Let yourself be enchanted by the South American charm of these lively waterfalls full of colors!