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Mestoklema tuberosum

Commonly known as "donkey fig", since it is often the only vegetation in very arid areas and is used as food for donkeys. It is a succulent, similar to a miniature tree, due to its massive caudex, highly appreciated by bonsai lovers. It has tuberous swollen roots with reddish-brown bark, often twisted together, which initially grow underground, and then are exposed out of the ground, forming a sort of trunk, to which thin and very branched stems are attached, which over time reach over 70 centimeters in height. The Mestoklema has not very large finger-like leaves and an inflorescence, which blooms from the beginning of summer to late autumn. The plant blooms with small daisy-like flowers with the shades, that range from red, orange to yellow. It is a plant highly sought after and is very appreciated by succulent lovers.