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Mammillaria hernandezii

It is one of the most appreciated and sought after Mammillaria ever, as well as one of the most particular: with its really small size, it is a real miniature jewel! It is a globular cactus of about 2 centimeters in diameter. Its epidermis of a beautiful dark and intense green is equipped with pyramidal tubercles and well detached from the body, at the apex of which the real strong point of this plant is shown: from small white and rounded areolas emerge wonderful white thorns arranged in a radial pattern, short and slightly curved towards the body. The appearance of Mammillaria hernandezii changes considerably and unexpectedly in autumn and winter, when its whiteness is interrupted by bright red flowers, sometimes larger than the same stem! This cactacea, with its so particular thorns, at first sight seems to be covered with many small white flowers: so small, but with a really great charm!