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Its name comes from Greek and means "similar to a knife", in reference to the shape of the leaves cut in the shape of a blade. Only four species belonging to this genus are universally recognized, very similar from the vegetative point of view but mainly distinguishable for their inflorescence. They are perennial succulent plants, glabrous and almost stemless, with compact leaves, short and rather wide with a triangular section, which reach a maximum height of three or four centimeters and are united in pairs. They have flowers that bloom from the end of spring to the whole course of autumn and have the particularity of opening only in the late afternoon. Another anecdote about this plant? It seems that its flowering is more abundant and lush in places where fires have occurred. In fact, some scholars have noticed that in several territories where there had been a strong fire, the Machairophyllum had flowered in much greater proportions than in neighboring areas where the flames had not arrived; obviously, studies are still underway to demonstrate what could favor this greater inflorescence!