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Lewisia cotyledon

Extremely ornamental succulent, very loved for the showy inflorescences and not only. It is arranged in pretty compact rosettes, consisting of elongated and wider leaves as you approach their apex; to enrich the overall appearance, do contribute its finely undulating margins. The real strength of this succulent is undoubtedly the spring and summer inflorescence that shows off: at the apex of robust stems bloom in fact wonderful daisies flowers, with an almost rubbery texture and a strongly three-dimensional appearance thanks to the lighter shades that clearly delineate their margins. These plants are able to produce flowers several times during the season, showing their beautiful shades of pink, yellow and red with delicate shades but that will certainly not go unnoticed! That’s not all: Lewisia cotyledon is one of the few flowering specimens able to resist very well to really low temperatures, therefore it perfectly adapts to decorate your gardens provided it is kept away from excessive humidity!