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Lemaireocereus dumortieri

It is a large columnar cactus in the shape of a candlestick, which in nature can grow up to 15 m in height! It produces a sturdy stem, up to 30 cm in diameter, which tends to branch off over time. The epidermis is of a bluish-green color; it has 5-7 triangular ribs with flattened margins, on which round downy areoles are formed. The spines are numerous and variable: the radial ones are 6-9 in number, about 1 cm long, while the central ones (1-4) are longer, reaching even 5 cm. During the summer flowering season, its large, funnel-shaped nocturnal flowers bloom, they are of a color that ranges from white to greenish: they only bloom for one night only, but offer a breathtaking view!