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Hildewintera aureispina f. crested variegated

The variegated shape of this cactus presents the typical yellow zones in the exact points where the chlorophyll is absent: these characteristics will never be the same from one plant to another, therefore each exemplar will be absolutely unique and, for this reason, highly sought after by collectors. Besides this, it has the fan shape due to its crest, making it even more unique and appreciated. In its normal form it is an initially columnar cactus, which tends to branch; however, it grows rather quickly, maintaining modest diameters but large lengths (even two meters), up to create bushes of hanging stems, perfect for hanging vases or to decorate shelves. It has stems completely covered by thick flexible spines of golden colour (hence the name of the species). During the flowering season, their already very showy appearance is further enhanced by funnel-shaped flowers of a nice bright orange. They are very simple plants to cultivate, for this reason they are perfect to furnish even less experienced people!

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