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Euphorbia royleana

Extremely rare succulent, accustomed to growing in the wild along the rocky slopes of the Himalayas and therefore considered extremely resistant. It has aspects in many ways similar to a cactus, starting from its columnar shape, tending to reach several meters in height in nature, maintaining a slender diameter and a candlestick arrangement with deep arm branches. The stems, of a beautiful bright emerald green, tend to be asymmetric and strongly tuberculated in the young seedlings, adorned by short brownish spines arranged in pairs. In mature plants the trend becomes more orderly, with the arrangement in precise longitudinal ribs marked and delineated by small whitish areolas that accompany them; at the apex the stem fills with graceful oblong and lanceolate leaves tending to fall quickly. Overall this succulent is extremely solemn, perfect to bring a touch of elegance, precision and refinement to your locations!