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Euphorbia meloformis f. variegated

It is an exclusive jewel of our production, a quite rare succulent, highly appreciated by green collectors from all over the world for its uniqueness. It is a result of accurate researches and careful selections that lasted 10 years. Euphorbia meloformis, with a similar appearance to Euphorbia obesa, is characterized by its wonderful variegation, which makes it unique in its kind. This solitary succulent, which can also assume a clustered shape, has a completely variegated stem, with transverse green streaks, which further enhance its particular color. It has well-defined ribs, from which small peduncles with sparse and long spines emerge. Flowering occurs at the apex of its stems, blooming with small bright yellow-green flowers. Euphorbia meloformis f. variegated is a must-have among succulent lovers, and for this reason it cannot be missing from your collection.

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