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Euphorbia erythraeae f. monstrous crested

E. erythraeae in its monstrous and crested form represents a unique and very sought after exemplar by collectors all over the world. Its fan-shaped crest and the "monstrous" characteristics, that is, asymmetric or with anomalies with respect to the normal exemplar, give the plant a very captivating, bizarre look, with intricate branches of an absolutely original shape. We will never find two identical plants with the same particularities. This succulent, with an erect posture, tends to ramify and grows reaching remarkable dimensions, even over the 9 metres. It has an intense green stem, where are well marked ribs, with short robust spines coupled along the ribs. Like the other species of Euphorbia, it also produces an irritating milk that comes out when the epidermis is severed. Its beautiful and small yellow flowers grow along the ribs, adorning the pairs of thorns.