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Euphorbia decaryi

E. decaryi is a succulent with a decidedly peculiar appearance, very rare in nature and, also for this reason, extremely sought after by collectors. Its name was chosen in honor of the French naturalist Raymond Decary and is shown as a succulent characterized by shrub growth and rather slow. The stem tends to grow prostrate on the ground and taking a horizontal course until giving rise to a pleasant bushy and twisted cushion. Each branch takes on a look similar to a graceful miniature palm both for the rough and wrinkled texture of the surface, and for the arrangement of the peculiar foliage at the apex of each branch. The leaves are in fact one of the most original characteristics of E. decaryi: elongated and pointed at the apex, they are rough and rigid, adorned with zig-shaped marginsstrongly three-dimensional and wavy zags that give the whole plant a unique and decidedly dynamic appearance. Each rosette of leaves appears similar to a peculiar flower that takes on reddish hues when it is widely illuminated by sunlight. Do contribute to the beauty of this Euphorbia, its small but pretty beige bell-shaped flowers, of a unique delicacy!