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Eulophia sp. narrow leaf (Madagascar) Eulophia sp. narrow leaf (Madagascar)
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Its name comes from Greek and literally means "good tuft", probably referring to a part of the flower that takes on an almost crested shape. These are flowering plants, also commonly called "corduroy orchids", which are made up of a bulbous root, that in winter becomes dormant underground, whereas in summer it can be partially exposed as an ornamental enrichment. Long flowering stems branch off from the bulb, they are often striking, though not so much for their size, as for their showy shape, typical of orchids, as well as for the bright colors, sometimes faded, that distinguish them. Only in some species, at the same time or even after the appearance of the flowers, at the apex of the fleshy stem, its leaves sprout, which sometimes tend to widen considerably. It is a genus that usually comes from forests and shady areas, but rarely these beautiful species can be seen even in very arid environments: it is the only type of orchid, so evolved, that can adapt to the desert conditions!