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Echinopsis 'Sunny'

Extremely charming cactus for its gigantic stunning inflorescence! It has a globose stem, tending with the growth to become slightly columnar assuming a shade of extremely bright green. It’s equipped with very marked longitudinal ribs, dotted with white wooly and roundish areoles. It has slender and whitish radial spines arranged radially around the areola, whilst its single central spine, when present, is longer, reddish and outward-facing. The inflorescence of E. 'Sunny' gives the same name to the species due to the shape and color of a unique brilliance: in spring, in fact, they bloom gigantic tubular and flowers characterized by multilayered petals, yellow color in the outermost corolla and fuchsia-orange in the inner one, that give life to a very showy color contrast and absolutely incomparable!