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Echinofossulocactus fasciculatus

It is a solitary cactus of a globular or cylindrical shape, slightly depressed at the apex, which can occasionally branch out - a characteristic from which the name of the species derives (from the Latin word "fasciculatus" = "grouped"). The stem can grow up to 20 cm in height, produces up to 80 wavy ribs, on which 1-3 areoles are formed, that first are downy and then become bare with age. The central spines grow upwards, are 3-4 in number, flattened, 1 to 10 cm long, of a color that fades from yellowish to blackish, while the radial spines are 4-6, about 1 cm long, of a brownish-yellow color. In late spring-early summer, pink inflorescences with a central purple line bloom at the apex. Synonym: Stenocactus fasciculatus.