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Echeveria 'Dark Vader'

Wonderful succulent not present in nature, but obtained in nursery from the intersection between E. Topsy Turvy' and E. Black Prince', to obtain a splendid exemplar, very rare because it is the result of a complex union but for this reason strongly coveted by collectors. It is a compact rosette consisting of unusual leaves folded on themselves and upwards, so as to show even the lower surface with a wavy and extremely elegant course. If on the one hand the shape looks a lot like E. 'Topsy Turvy', on the other the very dark colouration of the epidermis, which in the cold periods turns to a real black enriched by reddish shades on the tips, is very similar to E. 'Black Prince'. The overall effect that is obtained is absolutely original: the combination of the movement of the form and the composure of the coloring generates a wonderfully ornamental specimen, without comparison!