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Echeveria 'Curly locks'

It is a hybrid, arificially generated by Harry Butterfield starting from two specimens of Echeveria 'Ruffles' and Echeveria 'Ripples', to obtain a wonderful succulent with truly peculiar characteristics: arranged in a wide rosette, its leaves are elongated, obovate and instead of ending in the usual pointed shape, they have a strongly wavy margin similar to the curls of hairs (hence the name of the species). Its skin has a bluish-green tone, which is tinged with pink along the edges and, sometimes, also fades inwards when exposed to the right sunlight. During the summer Echeveria 'Curly locks' takes on an additional chromatic charm thanks to the small orange flowers that bloom on top of long stems. The vibrant movement of the foliage creates a truly dynamic complex that never gets boring and goes perfectly with any setting you want to liven up!

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