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Cyphostemma adenocaule

Among the most loved plants for their woody caudex of often spherical shape, which assumes in nature the important function of water reserve, allowing C. adenocaule to resist to long periods of drought. From the caudiciform tuber depart, in the vegetative season, thin woody or herbaceous branches, which reach remarkable heights tending to assume climbing or creeping character on the soil. The leaves are ovoid in shape, with jagged margins and surrounded by a decided white that pleasantly contrasts with the bright green of the epidermis, for an overall particularly scenographic and ornamental look. A curiosity: perhaps not many people know that Cyphostemma adenocaule is widely used in the original places for food (its taste is rather acrid), but even for healing purposes, since it is considered useful to soothe wounds, sore throat, coughing and even pneumonia!