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Crassula 'Ivory Pagoda'

It is an hybrid, a plant not present in nature but created in a nursery in the ‘60s starting from Crassula falcata and Crassula barkly. The result was an absolutely unique plant, with an appearance so peculiar that it was widely appreciated in all the world! Very slow growth, it does not exceed 10 cm in height, however it has a strictly interlocking and "rich" structure: it is formed by ivory columns (hence the name of the species) made up of densely stacked triangular silver-gray leaves, curved upwards and covered with a dense, very short whitish wool. It is a plant that blooms very rarely, however it was specifically created for the extremely ornamental aspect of its foliage: the arrangement of the leaves, which make the stems look like towers, make up for the lack of flowers and is able to give enliven every corner of your rooms!