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Cereus peruvianus

Cactacea widely diffused in all South America and, in particular, in Peru ( hence the name of the species), but strongly appreciated all over the world for its great decorative character united with the extreme facility of cultivation. It is a wonderful columnar cactus, which in nature can exceed even 4 metres of height, whilst in pot it reaches more than one metre rising with a single stem, rarely ramified but adorned by soft and not very prominent ribs. The pale green colour, dull and opaque, matches perfectly with the thin needle-like thorns on the notes of greyish. The flowering of C. peruvianus happens only when the plant is completely ripe, after at least 10 years of growth, but the wait will be able to amply compensate you: in the warm periods, during the night, really giant flowers will bloom (over 15 cm!) from white to red and bright tips. In this exemplar, extraordinarily, flowers and fruits can coexist at the same time, the so-called "pitaya" in the origin territories, which ripen very slowly, but they reach considerable size and are commonly used for food because of their extremely sweet character!