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Cereus jamacaru 'cuddy cactus'

Cereus jamacaru 'cuddy cactus' is a peculiar species. It absolutely won’t go unnoticed thanks to its characteristics that make it really appreciated and desired by the most experienced and not. Its shape is very refined, in fact it can be used to decorate rooms in an elegant and impeccable way. Its stem is a beautiful dark green with small lighter shades, but the highlight are the very marked ribs that give the plant the splendid shape that belongs to it. The ribs in addition to having areoles, are also finished at the edges in a graceful way, in fact the external part is not smooth as we are used to seeing in general, but is marked in a way that seems almost crenellated and, with a little imagination, it can resemble even a cloud. Cereus jamacaru 'cuddy cactus' when viewed from above will capture your attention even more and thanks to the very deep ribs, the top of the cactus will assume a shape similar to a star.