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Cereus forbesii cv. Spiralis f. variegated

The variegated shape of this cactus presents the typical lighter areas in the exact points where the chlorophyll is absent; such areas will never be identical from one plant to another, thus making each exemplar absolutely unique and, or this reason , very sought after by collectors. It is a very appreciated and ornamental cactus, easily recognizable for its characteristic twisted shape. The pale green stem tending to bluish, with an erect posture that with time can branch both at the base and along the stem, has deep and thin ribs, which form a particular and beautiful spiral from which it takes its name. From the sparse white and fluffy areoles come out needle-like spines, typically short, of a yellow-brownish color. During the inflorescence period you can admire its beautiful and huge funnel-shaped flowers with a pinkish-white color. The elegant lines make it extremely elegant and impossible to miss, perfect to enhance any type of furniture.