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It is a genus of succulent plants very rare and particular, now present in rather reduced quantities in nature. Coming from island areas, they prefer a soft and humid climate and do not resist temperatures below 20 degrees. They are plants with fleshy stems, erect and of grey-brown colour, which may reach remarkable heights, even up to 5 m! The caudiciform trunk assumes an asymmetrical look, often similar to a bottle, with its massive size, it is able to conserve considerable quantities of water, which is essential for succulent to help it grow. The leaves of Brighamia are very fleshy, of intense and bright green colour and grow at the apex of the plant, arranged in such a way as to assume the shape of a palm, hence the name with which it is commonly known as "Hawaiian palm" in relation to appearance and provenance. The flowering period of these wonderful succulents is autumn-winter and they give us these six-pointed star-shaped flowers with delicate petals and soft colors such as white and yellow.