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Aporocactus martianus

Peculiar cactacea made up of long cylindrical and ribbed stems, which reach over a meter of length while maintaining a diameter around 2 cm. The stems tend to fall back in marvelous waterfalls that are able to give your rooms an incomparable touch if they are placed on shelves or in hanging vases.In nature, the stems often produce aerial roots to root to the ground when, as they grow, they prostrate. The epidermis is a beautiful light green, equipped with small rounded and white areoles from which multiple yellow, short and thin spines protrude, which will cover the entire length of the cactus. One of the strengths of A. martianus is definitely its inflorescence: along the stems, in the middle of summer, large tubular flowers with pointed petals will blossom, which will bring an evident breath of liveliness to your rooms with their bright bright red notes!