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Aporocactus malisonii

Wonderful cultivar, an exemplar that’s not present in nature, but was generated in an English nursery by Mallison, from whom the plant takes its name. It is a species formed by slender and up to 2 meters long stems, which tend to prostrate on the ground or to relapse with twisted course, generating showy cascades of a nice pale green, perfect for adorning shelves or for being placed in hanging pots. Equipped with well marked ribs and short and thick yellowish thorns, it is commonly known as "whip cactus" or "snake cactus" because of its original shape. Between spring and summer the charm of this cactus is strongly accentuated by large tubular flowers of an intense red blooming along the stems; they are even 7 cm long and widen at the apex with wonderful pointed petals, for an overall effect that will certainly not go unnoticed.