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This genus, extremely rare and including very few species, is not present in nature: it is a wonderful cultivar obtained in the nursery from the crossing between two different genera, Aloe and Astroloba. The name of the genus refers precisely to the parents from whom the specimens come and draw their main characteristics, distorting them and creating new ones really original and very rare to be found in other species! Aloloba has leaves tightly stacked in an arrangement reminiscent of a slight spiral, typical of the genus Astroloba; from the latter, however, differs for the foliar shape, which is more elongated and fleshy, as in the Aloes. The aspect obtained is that of an extremely succulent ornamental, in which they immediately strike, at first sight, the peculiar emerald green leaves that, elongating, tend to curve downwards and almost to hide the remaining part of the slender rigid stem. Extremely appreciated for the wonderful architectural structure that shows, it is equally loved for the simplicity of cultivation: being in fact a hybrid between two succulents, it has inherited the reduced need for water, in fact, needing very little watering and not suffering at all the drought, as well as the habit of poor soils, sometimes even rocky. One thing: avoid water stagnation and repair it if the temperatures are too low in winter, Aloloba will repay you with its spectacular scaffold with multiple spikes!