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Aloinopsis rubrolineata f. variegated

The variegated form of this plant presents the typical yellow zones in the exact points where the chlorophyll is absent; such zones will never be identical from one plant to another, thus making each exemplar absolutely unique and, for this reason, very sought after by collectors. A. rubrolineata is a very appreciated plant, thanks to its particularities: the fleshy leaves are of a beautiful olive green colour and easily recognizable thanks to their rough surface that seems almost to recall the shape of a tongue. It has a complex tuberous root system, detail that makes it beautiful and unusual, similar to a bonsai ; in fact, often its root during repottings is raised in order to help the plant to proliferate and give it an exotic appearance. Aloinopsis rubrolineata grows and blooms in winter if it has a suitable light source and survives even at very low temperatures. In summer, however, it must be protected from the excessive heat of the hottest months since, just too much exposure to the sun tends to make it blush. With dedicated care and proper watering it will be very easy to cultivate.