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Aloinopsis rosulata f. variegated

A. rosulata in its variegated form represents an exemplar of succulent with a unique and unmistakable appearance, thanks to its variegation with bright colors such as yellow or pink. For this reason it is much sought after by collectors all over the world. Its fleshy leaves, arranged as rosette, in shape that recalls a tongue, in fact they are elongated, flat and widen at the apex ending slightly with a tip. The rough surface of dark green color, contrasts perfectly with the color of the variegation, creating a clear division between the dominant colors for a very pleasant visual impact and an attractive appearance. The beautiful and delicate flowers of A. rosulata f. variegata , have a look similar to daisies, with pale pink petals and a thin midline of intense red/purple color that gives the flower a touch of elegance.