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Albuca spiralis 'Frizzle Sizzle'

If you want to give an unusual and absolutely original charm to your home here is the plant that is right for you: Albuca spiralis! This plant has an extremely particular aspect, impossible to find in other species! It is characterized by an ovoid bulb that does not exceed a few centimeters in diameter, wrinkled and partially exposed out of the ground, from which emerge numerous filiform and cylindrical leaves, of a beautiful intense green colour , develop upwards, ending at the apex in strongly curled spirals which gave it the common name of “corkscrew plant”. Another absolutely original aspect of Albuca Spiralis is it's winter growing, where you can see her amazing curly leaves and in the hot season this plant goes into vegetative rest and its leaves became dry and brown and start fall down. This magnificent plant generate pleasant bell-shaped flowers that fade from yellow to greenish and emit a delicate vanilla smell. Due to its ease of cultivation and its extreme resistance even at low temperatures (the cold helps to form more curls!), This plant is even perfect for adorning your spaces, making them pleasant and blooming in winter, when most of the others species will instead be dormant.