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Aeonium 'Superbang'

Sometimes considered a hybrid obtained from A. 'Mardi gras, it is definitely one of the rarest and most amazing specimens of the whole genus! Characterized by graceful large and flattened rosettes formed by long leaves, wider at the apex and ending in a modest tip, the specimen is particularly covered by a slight down, especially along the margins, that make its skin pleasant to the touch and gently reflective. The real highlight of this succulent is undoubtedly its magnificent variety of colors: when exposed in areas that are not very bright. 'Superbang' is tinged with a bright light green hue, in contrast to the markedly cream-colored margins; as soon as it receives abundant sunlight, however, this fantastic specimen manages to turn its tones towards a purplish red, almost black, in the center, which fades into a bright red along the edges. The overall effect is absolutely breathtaking, perfect to bring a decidedly unique touch to your collections!