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Aeonium 'Pink witch'

Extremely rare succulent, not present in nature but obtained in the nursery from the crossing between two different species of Aeonium to obtain an absolutely innovative exemplar and particularly loved for its breathtaking colors. Characterized by a typical compact rosette arrangement, well open and superficially flat, it consists of ovoid leaves, tending to widen at the apex and then ending in a small tip. The epidermis of 'Pink witch' takes on a peculiar bright green hue in the young leaves adorned at the edges of cream color, which soon turns into a more opaque green in the central band of the foliage and a pink-fuchsia very bright in the rest of the leaf surface (especially when it receives a good amount of sunlight). The appearance of the succulent is made even more dynamic by finely ciliated white margins. Overall, A.'Pink witch' is absolutely unique for its striking colors, original but at the same time elegant: a real jewel that can not miss in the collections of fans!